Our Institute “Polo 3 Fano” consists of two Vocational Secondary Schools and three Technical Secondary Schools.

Our schools include different sections: the Vocational Secondary School “A. Olivetti” with the sections Business – Web community and Graphics; the Vocational Secondary School “A. Volta” with the sections Maintenance and Technical Support in the electric-electronic and mechanical fields; the Technical Secondary School “Archimede” with the section Transport and Logistics; the Technical School “Seneca” with the section Graphics and Communication, the Technical School “Battisti” with the sections of Accounting and Business Administration and Tourism.

Our Vocational Secondary Schools give the students the possibility to acquire the Regional Vocational Qualification in the different sections at the end of the third year.

The various institutions of Polo 3 are located in the centre of Fano and they involve:

  • Students: 1087
  • Staff: 234 of which 175 teachers

Our Institute is located in an area characterized by a large number of craft industries and small factories where the students periodically have on-the-job training linked to the activities of the territory. Most of our students are work-oriented.


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