Prof. Ivan Apostolov is a private English Language School whose mission is to train and educate a new generation of young people who will be living in a new global world. The school integrates the values and best practices of European pedagogy with the educational traditions of Bulgaria and it enables students to develop critical thinking skills, participate in respectful exchanges of diverse opinions, and become enthusiastic lifelong learners. Founded in 1993, Prof. Ivan Apostolov School soon became one of the leading secondary schools in the country and is the only school in Bulgaria that uses specially designed syllabi in its Law and Management programmes authorized and licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education.The school works in collaboration with Sofia University St. Kliment Ohridski having students from the university philological departments for their compulsory internship. In 2009 Prof. Ivan Apostolov School was licensed by Edexcel / a Pearson Company/ to deliver the internationally recognised Pearson Test of English exams.

So far nearly one thousand students have completed Prof. Ivan Apostolov School and many of them have become competent professionals who have already made an important mark in the private and public sectors both in Bulgaria and worldwide. In the current school year 132 students are being educated at the school by a staff of 32 teachers and professionals and there is tendency for a steady rise in their number due to the new building that the school now has. The majority of the students come from Bulgaria but there are also some foreign students coming from Greece, Italy, Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia. The school has also employed teachers from the UK and the USA.

With English as the primary language of instruction, Prof. Ivan Apostolov School offers a rigorous core curriculum, enriched by an array of elective courses and extra-curricular activities. After passing the admissions exams the students can choose among four programmes that the school offers: Entrepreneurship, Science, Hummanities and IT. Prof. Ivan Apostolov School, together with university teachers and professors lecturing at the school, has developed and published special student textbooks for all management and law disciplines that are taught on the programmes. Prof. Ivan Apostolov students’ achievements and results allow the graduates to gain places in some of the most prestigeous universities in Europe and international.

Address: Sofia, Musagenitsa, “Prof. Stancho Belkovski 1” Str., Azbuki School Complex, Bulgaria

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